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‘Ewure oshi, Money for Iphone 8 when you can’t pay your rent’ – Anthony Joshua reply to Iphone 8 owners ‘asking him for favors’

You can’t eat your cake and still have it- this is the message our own boxing champion, Anthony Joshua is sending to those who beg for everything- so one has to learn to set his/her prioritise right.

Anthony Joshua does not need to start thinking of a reply to dish out to those who own an iPhone 8 and still come around to beg him for money as he has already prepared a savage reply for anyone who owns an Iphone 8 and still asking him for favors.

According to him, if you own an iphone 8 and you come to him for help he would tell you "Geerrrrrouutttt offff heeeaayyyy, Ewure Oshi(Stupid Goat)".

Although, he seems to be talking to everyone in general but he was specifically replying an Instagram comedian, Tolu Ogunmefun, whose latest post shows a video of him saying he would go for an iphone 8 instead of paying his house rent.










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