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Floyd Mayweather can’t outbox me – Amir Khan boasts

British boxer, Amir Khan has boasted to give unbeaten Floyd Mayweather a tough time if given a chance to fight the retired boxing champion.

While Floyd Mayweather is unbeaten in all his 50 fights; Khan has lost four times in 35 professional fights.

Both boxers can be said to be roughly in the same weight category having fought and won titles from lightweight to middleweight.

In a series of tweets on Monday, Khan stated that:

“I know it’s been a year I’ve not fought due to hand surgery. I’m ready to make comeback at 30 years of age. Say what you like Canelo was getting outboxed. I was winning on cards. He had power and caught me with a huge right".

“That's boxing. Mayweather doesn’t have the power. In any fight, I’ve never been outboxed. Mayweather khan fight would be a game of chess. Speed, movement and accuracy will cause him problems".

Mayweather came out of his first retirement to knock out bragging UFC champion, Conor McGregor in a megabucks fight a couple of months back and the Money Man could be goaded out of retirement again by Khan who won Olympic silver as an amateur in Athens in 2004 when he was just 17.

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