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WBC Champion Deontay Wilder confident of beating Anthony Joshua in Great Britain

World Boxing Council (WBC) champion, Deontay Wilder has expressed confidence in his ability to beat unified British World Heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua in Great Britain.

Wilder who successfully defended his WBC title against Bermane Stiverne on Saturday stated that he believed he was the best and if anyone had any doubts, they should prove it to him.

The undefeated American boxing champion also called out Joshua's promoter, Eddie Hearn, accusing the promoter of brainwashing fans into thinking Joshua was the best heavyweight boxer in the game.

Wilder who labelled himself as a "king" also added that he had no problem travelling to Great Britain to defeat Anthony Joshua who he likened to a "little girl" staying at home.

According to Wilder, the money and Mecca of boxing is in America and not Great Britain.

The 32-year old said;

"Packing out stadiums looks good but the money and Mecca of boxing is in America. But if you want to stay at home like a little girl, this king has no problem travelling to knock out the champion".

"I think Eddie is ducking me more so than Joshua. If Joshua's a strong champion, a true champion, you guys in England should smoke him out, make him fight. You should see if he's the best".

"My heart says I'm the best, if I'm not I want someone to show me".

Reacting to Eddie Hearn's statement in which the boxing promoter stated that Wilder had to face Dillian Whyte in London in February before he can take on Joshua owing to the fact that he had no significant profile in Britain, Wilder said he had no problem facing Whyte if he was the bridge to Joshua as long as Joshua would be at the end of that bridge.

Wilder who labelled Whyte as “Hearn's dirty rag in his pocket” as well as a “spare tyre in his car” said;

"He's [Dillian Whyte] Eddie Hearn's dirty rag in his pocket or his spare tyre on his car. He's a gatekeeper at best. If Dillian is the bridge to Joshua, make sure Joshua is at the end of that bridge. All Eddie has to do is put AJ on that contract. I will only fight a peasant if the king is behind him".

Wilder also took out time to reveal the respect he had for former British heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, stating that Fury was responsible for putting England on the map.

The American boxer called on the boxing federation to reinstate Fury's license, adding that he was a champion to many and was still unbeaten.

He said;

"I love him [Tyson Fury] as a person and a fighter. A guy like that, charismatic, entertaining, you must respect because he's different. People don't want to understand different".

"If it wasn't for Tyson Fury, England wouldn't be on the map like it is. I feel he should be more respected in that country than he is. They should give him his licence back. He is still a human being and should be allowed to get on with his life. He is still the champion in a lot of people's eyes, he has not been beaten yet".

Wilder knocked off Bermane Stiverne in just one round to defend his WBC title on Saturday, making him undefeated in 39 fights with 38 KOs to his name. Joshua on the other hand, defeated Carlos Takam last month in Cardiff to defend his WBA and IBF title, making him undefeated in 20 fights with 18 KOs.

Joshua and Wilder's fight is definitely one boxing fans are eager to see with Wilder believing the bout will be the biggest fight in history.

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