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Japanese billionaire set to fly to Rio tomorrow to donate millions of naira to Siasia and Mikel Obi

Katsuya Takasu, a renowned Japanese surgeon and billionaire is set to fly to Rio come Saturday to donate millions of naira to Siasia and Mikel Obi.

Katsuya Takasu who is a big fan of Nigerian football had earlier announced his desire to give a bonus of $30,000 to each Nigerian player should they win gold at the Rio 2016 men's Olympic football tournament in Brazil.

After hearing about the Dream Team financial problems, the Billionaire had also promised them the sum of $20,000 for silver and $10,000 for bronze

The Surgeon is however making good his promise as he is set to fly to Rio tomorrow, Saturday August 20 to watch Nigeria battle Honduras for the bronze medal, and the billionaire is coming full loaded with thousands of dollars for coach Siasia and Mikel Obi.

A letter written from the Nigerian Embassy in Japan has the specifics of all the millions the billionaire is giving out.

Takasu is making the following donations in cheque, Samson Siasia- $200,000 while Mikel Obi will ger $190,000

Good gesture from Mr. Katsuya Takasu, Christmas has surely come earlier for them.





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