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Olympic Rio- Usain Bolt after Leading Jamaica to Relay Gold says “There you go, I am the greatest,”

World's fastest man, Usain Bolt wins the 4x100m relay as he completes the triple-triple before declaring himself 'the greatest' and vowing 'this is the last one'

Usain Bolt declared himself “the greatest” as he achieved the unique sprint triple-triple that has long seemed his destiny.

29-year-old Usain Bolt ended his Olympic career by claiming an unprecedented 'triple triple' and his ninth gold as his country,Jamaica won the 4x100m relay final in Rio. He had won the 100m and 200m in Rio and is the only person to have won all three sprint events at three Games.

The Jamaican crossed the finish line in 37.27secs and this prompted a thunderous ovation from the crowd.

He combined with Asafa Powell, Yohan Blake and Nickel Ashmeade to win gold in a time of 37.27 seconds.

Usain Bolt recorded his ninth Olympic gold with this win. The champion has won gold in all the events he took part in since the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

After the win, the 29-year-old said: “There you go, I am the greatest. I am just relieved. It’s happened. I am just happy, proud of myself. It’s come true. The pressure is real. I look at it as an accomplishment”.

After crossing the line, “Lightning” Bolt went on a relaxed victory lap of the Olympic stadium, enjoying what he has said will be his last ever race at an Olympic Games.

"I never knew this would happen when I started out. My team came through for me tonight. As long as we got the baton round, it was never in doubt.

"It's a brilliant feeling. Iit's been a long road. I'm happy, but I'm relieved. It's great to be in the history books as one of the greatest. I'm proud of myself."

“I am just relieved,” he said. “It’s happened. I am just happy, proud of myself. It's come true. The pressure is real. I look at it as an accomplishment.”

“My fans you guys never doubted me a min and for that I belong to you guys forever #blessed

Finally able to relax, as his competition ended just two days before his 30th birthday, he added: “I'll stay up late tonight and have fun!”

The champion has declared his intention to retire after the 2017 World Championships in London and will not be competing at Tokyo 2020, at which point he will nearly be 34.

Usain Bolt's pull of nine gold is the joint highest among Olympic athletics.

He is now equal with Carl Lewis, USA sprinter and long jumper, who won nine gold over just four Games, and Finnish long-distance runner Paavo Nurmi.

Japan’s quartet got a surprised silver in 37.60 seconds while the United States got bronze in 37.62 but was later disqualified for a handover violation, with Canada moving up to bronze medal position and lifting Britain up to fifth.









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