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Coach Joachim Low apologizes for scratching his ass and sniffing his hands in Euro 2016

Coach Low Joachim, German coach who was caught on live video scratching his ass and sniffing his hands (read here) has apologized for his actions. He said it was a subconscious thing that he is sorry and it won’t happen again.

Read below his apology:

"It was adrenaline and concentration. I will try to behave differently in the future," said Low, 56.

I saw the pictures and obviously sometimes you do things subconsciously. It happened and I am sorry."

Striker Lukas Podolski has also defended his coach, and said the incident was "not an issue" in the Germany camp.

Germany's second Group C match wass against Poland yesterday 16th June 2016 and the two teams had a draw 0-0.

Two unbeaten sides left the pitch here at the Stade de France, and yet they did so in strikingly different moods. Poland were savouring their best result at a major tournament in a generation, having held the world champions, their rivals and neighbours, with a display of unbreakable resolve. They were one of the dark horses before the start of the tournament, and now they are showing why.

In the German camp, meanwhile, there were slumped shoulders and quizzical looks. This is not a disaster for them, but there will now be real concerns over whether a team without strikers might also be a team without threat.

Restricted largely to half-chances and shots from distance, they met a Polish side who kept their heads in defence and might even have won the game if Arkadiusz Milik had taken one of his chances. Michal Pazdan was a beacon in the City of Lights, the bald-headed Legia Warsaw defender repelling attack after attack.

It was a good result, too, for Northern Ireland, who are now guaranteed third place in Group C, if not yet qualification. Ukraine are out. But really, this was a story of German inefficiency, an inability to convert possession and pressure into sufficient chances.(Telegraph)


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