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What did you say? ‘Argentina is one of the highly ranked football association in NIGERIA’ – Sports minister Solomon Dalung says

Nigeria’s Minister of Sports and Youth Development, Solomon Dalung is always in the news for the wrong reasons.

This time around, Dalung in a video that is presently making rounds on social media could be heard describing Argentina as a ‘highly ranked football association in Nigeria’ following the Super Eagles victory over Argentina on Tuesday.

In his words;

‘Argentina is one of the highly ranked football association in Nigeria” .

Dalung made the statement with Nigerians yet to forget the blunder he committed some time ago- a blunder that could leave a child in school wondering who is correct between his teacher and his dad.

The Sports Minister who was interrogated by the House of Representatives Committee on Sports over issues of disbursement of funds to the different sports federations, denied allegations that his ministry was corrupt.

In his defense, Dalung had said, “The funds ‘spended were properly spended because we got them from intervention funds from Mr. President".

Trust Nigerians to take it up- and not without making different memes out of it.

See the videos below:


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