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Simi Adeagbo, First African Female Skeleton Competitor in Winter Olympics featured features in Nike’s “Forever First”

Nike celebrates the First African Female Skeleton Competitor in the Winter Olympics, Simidele Adeagbo.

Simidele Adeagbo, is Africa’s first ever female athlete to compete in the winter sport of skeleton and qualify for the Winter Olympics this year.

Simi makes her return to international athletics after nine years of being in retirement and recovering from setbacks and losses, most notably after missing out on the 2004 and 2008 Summer Games as a track and field triple jump athlete.

Simi will be part of the Nigerian Women’s Bobsled and Skeleton team heading to PyeongChang, and participating in a sport that is almost unknown to Nigerians, because it has never snowed in Nigeria.

‘Forever First’ recounts the spirit of a relentless athlete in pursuit of competing at the highest level in sport while breaking barriers and re-writing history.

Narrated by award winning author, speaker and digital strategist, and fellow Nigerian, Luvvie Ajayi, the inspirational message digs deep at Adeagbo’s inner voice to push the limits and just do it.

“At Nike, we believe in the significance and legacy one can leave behind through sports. ‘Forever First’ is a film that will inspire others to follow in Simi’s history making tracks; she is the first and we hope she won’t be the last to do the unthinkable. At Nike, we are proud to have a culture that fosters the power of sport inside and outside the doors of the brand.” says Alissa Jenkins, Brand Director, Nike South Africa.


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