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"Officials jailed after Burundi President was tackled in a football game

Two Burundi officials have been imprisoned after the African country's president, Pierre Nkurunziza was allegedly "roughed up" in a football match they organised.

A judicial source told AFP that the officials were arrested on charges of "conspiracy against the president"

On 3 February, Pierre Nkurunziza team faced a side from the northern town of Kiremba.

Typically, the opposition is well informed that they are playing against the country's president, and were asked to go easy in the games, even perhaps allowing Nkurunziza to score.

But as the Kiremba team which contained Congolese refugees who were not aware that they were playing against Burundi's president, "attacked each time he had the ball and made him fall several times", a witness told AFP.

Kiremba's administrator, Cyriaque Nkezabahizi and his assistant, Michel Mutama, were imprisoned on Thursday.

AFP quoted a judicial source as saying that the officials were  arrested on charges of "conspiracy against the president".

Pierre Nkurunziza  is said to be a 'born-again' evangelical Christian who spends much of his time travelling Burundi with his own team, Haleluya FC.




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