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Serena Williams is strong and sexy on cover of Self Magazine

Tennis star Serena Williams covers this month's edition of Self Magazine. The 34-year old can be seen showing off her eye-catching physique in the cover of this month's self magazine titled "Strong is Sexy".

The number one female athlete in the world has never been one to shy away from showing off her athletic physique and she absolutely nails it rocking a sexy sportswear this time.

Serena Williams is set to feature in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games set to kick off on Friday, 5th August 2016. The highest paid female athlete will enter the Olympic Games with a lot of expectations on her shoulder as she competes for a Gold medal at the women's singles and also at the women's doubles with her sister Venus Williams.

Serena who won the women's singles title and the women's doubles title with her sister [Venus Williams] at the just-concluded Wimbledon Games will look to carry that winning momentum into the 2016 Olympic Games as she challenges for her fifth Gold medal.

The American athlete won a gold medal at the women's singles in the 2012 London Olympic Games has also won three gold medals at the women's doubles with her sister [Venus Williams] in the 2000, 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games.

Self Magazine no doubt chose the perfect figure to cover the Strong is Sexy edition of the magazine and did she deliver.



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