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New Mum, Serena Williams orders stepmother to vacate family home following bitter divorce with her dad

Serena Williams’ stepmom, Lakeisha Juanita Williams has alleged that the tennis star ordered her and the son from her marriage with Richard Williams to leave her home.

TMZ Sports on Wednesday reported Serena’s stepmother made this statement in court.

According to reports, Serena’s attorneys have “threatened to change the locks” on the house Juanita shares with Selena Williams’ father if the stepmom didn’t vacate the property.

However, Lakeisha is seeking a court ruling to sell the home because she needs money following the couple’s divorce filing in June.

Lakeisha also cited “health issues” for the 75-year-old Louisiana native and said his death could lead to an extended legal battle over his estate.

Lakeisha admitted in the filing that although she has lived in the home with her estranged husband, Richard, it’s owned by Serena.

Meanwhile, Williams or her legal team are yet to release a statement about the emergency court motion.

The 23-time Grand Slam singles champion has been out of competition since winning the Australian Open in January while pregnant with her first child.

Nicholas Hautman and Marc Lupo of US Weekly revealed that Williams gave birth to a baby girl in Florida last Friday.

No further information about the pending court case was immediately released.


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