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“Serena William’s nipples are distracting” fans complain as they watched her play in Wimbledon

Serena William, the highest paid female athlete in the world wore a white top to play for Wimbledon but her nipples were showing and her fans started complaining that her nipples were distracting.

This week some tennis fans claim they have been too 'distracted' by Serena Williams' nipples showing through her tennis whites to focus on her game.

The world number one, 34, powered into the semi finals after beating Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova of Russia, but viewers such as MrStephenMc were more interested in questioning her appearance.

'Surprise BBC haven't issued a warning that Serena is showing some nipple today,' he tweeted.

Nick Du Val had also taken note, saying: 'I've just been exposed to Serena Williams nipples on the BBC, should I complain?'

Female commentators were equally vocal on the issue.

CordyCat3456 joined in the chorus of disapproval, saying: 'I wouldn't usually comment on another woman's body, but could someone give Serena Williams something to cover her nipples. Very distracting.'

Read some of their tweets below:

























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